October 21, 2013

R1 Concepts Open House 2013: Amber Alexis Alvarez Rises


The midseason often brings some splendid surprises to the automotive scene and show grounds, shaking up the environment with some fresh new faces and personalities seemingly unheard of in previous productions and extravaganzas.  Perhaps, such is inspired by a sense of optimism upon the dawn of summertime, which inspires one to take hold of those passions that essentially drive the progression of a life’s journey.  In many cases, it might even be that certain vigor for independence, which vehemently defies notions of boundaries in regards to one’s immerging potential within a field and industry.  For Amber Alexis Alvarez, it would be a little bit of both, as she would shoot down naysayers of her past to become relevant within a scene known for celebrating mavericks who take no heed to the conventions of the present while effectively looking towards the possibilities for the future.  Indeed, through such a mindset and spirit, Amber has become what many would consider an overnight sensation within the import and automotive circles, quickly becoming one of R1 Concepts’ premier print and live event ambassadors after only one month as an active import scene talent.  At the company’s open house at La Habra, California, fans and enthusiasts would be further exposed to the merits and qualities of this young, vibrant entertainer, as she continued to introduce herself towards a broader span of the car culture community this 2013 season.



Amber Alexis Alvarez definitely exudes a vivacious expressive depth within soothing passionate consistency, all of which utterly spellbinds through the scintillating, seductive form of her stylistic instinct.  There’s just a sensual power to her focus and grace that captivates in shimmering emotive intrigue and romance, enticing qualities to her talent, which exemplify a congruency within vivid themes of dynamic visual art and glamour.  Such innate ability would become quite apparent to all the guests at the R1 Concepts Open House in La Habra, as she would readily project all that talent and charisma alongside the featured modified vehicles and custom cars on the presented show floor.

While obviously quite haunting in sensual expressive flavor, the most inviting aspect to her persona upon a live event environment has always been a unique quality of enthusiasm within her character, bursting ever so brightly upon first contact with the spunk and vigor of a truly free and unabashed spirit.  Such is a manifestation of the pure joy she truly experiences whenever she affects a smile upon someone’s face, having expressed a deep passion towards entertaining others, as the primary drive for her involvement within the modeling field.  Though such a decision would not come without its critics from within her former inner circles, she has always found that courage and conviction to stay true to herself, understanding that the search for ultimate success and happiness is not found in the structures of conformity but realized through the adventure for possibility.  So, as her journey proceeds onward upon this specific path, she hopes to expand further within various forms of media and entertainment, looking to express herself further towards a growing and more expansive audience.
During the course of the event, Amber would playfully comment about her lengthy professional name, spontaneously abbreviating it through the acronym of AAA, verbally pronounced as “Triple A.”  It does tend to allude to something quite automotive in nature while effectively rolling off the tongue quite nicely.  Therefore, “Triple A” Amber Alexis Alvarez could very well catch on, as it also seems to compliment that casual, fun-loving spirit, which radiates from her being.

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