October 20, 2013

R1 Concepts Open House 2013: Hanging out with Melyssa Grace


Not many women in the modeling industry exemplify a level of passion and dedication towards the sport of drifting quite like Melyssa Grace does on a daily basis.  After all, the title of the most prestigious drifting circuit in the United States will be forever linked to her public identity as the last reigning Miss Formula Drift of the current era.  She would go even further as to actually become a practitioner of the technique and sport, ever so fearless and enthusiastic about the prospect of evolving within a competitive genre she truly admires and celebrates.  It’s because of her unyielding efforts and a certain cultural congruency between this sport and the custom car scene that has allowed her to become quite the celebrity within the live automotive showcase realms, having a name and reputation which have established their own brand through her own distinct traits and merits.  Therefore, when premier braking parts developer R1 Concepts swooped her up for some collaborations with their organization this 2013 season, fans and enthusiasts would be illuminated in an understanding of the company's true character, one which was very much aware and appreciative of the culture and influences that help shape the automotive lifestyle community.


Melyssa Grace absolutely mesmerizes through a seductive expressive charisma defined in dynamic sensual control, dramatic elements to her talent and character, which allude to aesthetic themes seemingly suggested by the spirit of her surname.  Though her statuesque style and soothing allure does much to distinguish herself from the rest of a crowd, her solid stature as a premier promotional personality has always been the product of her constant dedication towards her fans, always so gracious as to share some hilariously spontaneous moments with her audience, while also allowing her creative process to lead her towards discovering some of the most stunning moments in live event photography.  The 2013 R1 Concepts Open House would be one such event, in which she would make a significant impact towards an active entertainment experience.

As mentioned earlier, Melyssa Grace is all about the car culture.  It’s a definitive flavor to her brand as an artist and personality, which translates into every aspect of her lifestyle and identity.  Such would entail the act of showcasing her own personal modified vehicle at several venues and productions throughout the 2013 season, including this public presentation at the R1 Concepts Open House event in La Habra, California.




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