October 30, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: Models in the Most Imaginative Designs


The 2013 DEBUT Runway Show of Style Week OC would present some of the most creative concepts of style and design, born from the minds of the fashion scene’s most promising young innovators and visionaries.  After all, the presented fashion lines within this featured portion of the program would essentially be an introduction of FIDM’s hottest graduating designers as true artists within the professional fashion industry.  Therefore, to effectively make their impact as debuting names within their diverse field of expertise, they would search thoroughly within the extent of their very own ability to effectively establish and craft a distinct brand that would somehow stimulate an acute fascination towards wonder and possibility.  It’s through such effort and imagination that would essentially define the energy and mood of this special showcase extravaganza, as the participating runway models themselves would express their outward enthusiasm for the intricate nature-themed designs spotlighted that evening.  Indeed, these artists would effectively state their claim as the future mavericks of their scene and industry, hoping to someday become as relevant within their field as those who have successfully gone before them in previous seasons. 


Debut Runway Show (continued)


A self proclaimed “wild child” in her younger years, Christine Ko would eventually find her focus within the realm of clothing design, a field that may have allowed her to develop a more comprehensive perspective on life in general much like the various and distinct emotive elements and themes found within the entirety of a rose.


During Style Week OC, Brianna Barnes would enchant in the themed romanticism of this featured Christine Ko ensemble, accentuating the luminous sleek folds of the long sleeve top through the soothing sophistication of her own poise and character.




With a background in the disciplines of dance and stage performance, Bradon McDonald would discover an urge to express himself further within the concepts and constructs of clothing design, specifically inspired by the cliffs of Malibu’s Paradise Cove and Point Dume in these visually dynamic debut designs.


Kalyn Hemphill (above) mesmerized audiences upon the Style Week OC runway while presenting a Bradon McDonald dress design that seemed to project the fluid majesty and grace of the Southern California coastline.


Amber Lindauer would participate in the climactic finale to Bradon McDonald’s debut collection at Style Week OC, framing this flurry of wild, pristine fabric within the depth and control of her innate expressive sophistication.



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