August 9, 2013

SPOCOM Anaheim 2013: That Import Model Persona


Active promotion is often quite significant to the potential of an entity to effectively capture the attention and affection of their desired audience, making such an undertaking all the more serious to those intricately involved.  In whatever way one may perceive the manner of proper professionalism to be within these situations, it’s important to note that any generalizations of behavior tend to be inadequate when placed within the culture of differing scenes or industries.  A person promoting mass production machinery won’t necessarily emulate an individual debuting the newest and coolest gadget for portable gameplay.  A man debuting his newest book on the impending financial crises will definitely avoid the optimistic banter of a woman chatting about her latest gourmet cookbook.  Finally, a presenter introducing the newest line of luxury SUV’s fitted for an entire family will most often act contrary to a spokesmodel showcasing the hottest custom car two-seater, suited for a night out on the town.  The important element to think about in these examples is the nature and motivation of the audience.  Dominated by companies that provide aftermarket options to those who feel that urge to further express themselves within the craft of their modified vehicles, the import scene is a phenomenon not dictated by necessity but by a passion towards creativity that bursts unrestrained in a fullness of character and individuality.  In order to connect with their audience, those who help promote the scene and the brands within it are often inclined to follow suit, emphasizing their own spirit and enthusiasm to illuminate the fundamental, underlying culture of joy and camaraderie.  In that regard, the promotional figures who find themselves at a major car culture extravaganza like SPOCOM Anaheim might very well be amongst the most animated figures within the modeling industry, a reputation that continues to drive fans through the entrances of the SPOCOM Anaheim event to this present day.





Ashley Clark brings that trademark superstar smile back upon the floors of SPOCOM Anaheim for her second consecutive trip to the big show under the banner of the DaYUUM! brand.  Charmingly sweet in radiant expressive charisma formed upon vivacious, energizing poise, Ashley embodies a freshness and optimism that intricately compliments the energy of any festive atmosphere, while showcasing a certain mainstream marketability through the clarity of character she is able to convey effortlessly into a photographic foreground.  It’s a spirit and serenity that any woman might find absolutely inspiring upon the cover of her favorite lifestyle magazine or periodical.  Likewise within the import scene, car culture aficionados have long since admired that same visual brilliance at major show spectaculars because of her fondness for surrounding herself with the artistry of their beloved modified vehicles.





Brilliantly energizing in smooth embracing allure, Kimberly Jean would dazzle audiences at nearby custom car displays as a brand new addition to the DaYUUM! promotional team during the course of the 2013 SPOCOM Anaheim event. 


Red Buddha Tattoo

Red Buddha Tattoo is dedicated to showcasing one’s individualism through intricate inked designs inspired by Eastern culture motifs and captivating realism.


Brittani Paige continues her impressive 2013 season with a return to the SPOCOM flagship event at the Anaheim Convention Center, debuting her new ravishing red hairstyle just in time for her official duties with the Red Buddah Tattoo shop during the event.  It’s not for certain if the style change was intended to symbolize something brand specific, but anybody acquainted with Brittani knows that she is truly a master of the element of surprise.  She isn’t sneaky like a ninja, per say, but she is definitely the most spontaneously creative live personality in the scene today.  It’s those goofball antics that highlight an inclusive and embracing spirit.  It’s a certain innate sensual depth that finds aesthetic meaning through intuition and form.  To understand what Brittani fundamentally brings to a live event environment is to acknowledge the pinnacle of value and talent that may arise from the automotive showcase scenes.  As she would soon find herself featured within one of the top publications of the car culture, namely Super Street Magazine, it’s nice to see many others are taking notice, as well.


R1 Concepts

R1 Concepts has a mission of constantly providing the best line of quality brake rotors, pads and components for automotive enthusiasts looking to maximize the performance of their prized custom vehicles.


Brittani Paige would take some time to reunite with her R1 Concepts family, a company which she has been conducting promotional projects with in recent months.  Meeting with another personality of the brand during the SPOCOM Anaheim Super Show, the situation would get a bit giddy as their personalities would coincide quite nicely within the color of moment.




Many might remember Amber Alexis Alvarez and her chance encounter with the R1 Concepts team a month before at certain car culture event at Santa Anita Park, where crowds were pleasantly introduced to a new face of the scene that immediately meshed within the excitement and charisma of the automotive lifestyle environment.  Fast forward to the festivities of the SPOCOM spectacular in Anaheim, Amber would find herself as a brand new promotional figure for the R1 Concepts brand.  After all, such a marketing decision does seem quite elementary.  Through such inspiring character and dynamic sensual poise, she truly exudes that potential to make an impact within this scene and industry.

Vape Supreme

Vape Supreme hopes to redirect smokers towards healthier alternatives within their product line, whose highly personalized and customizable features offer to provide optimal value for the consumer.


Several people attending SPOCOM Anaheim would actually be seen scrambling for the whereabouts of Chaba with the full knowledge of her scheduled attendance for this season’s premier extravaganza.  Those lucky enough to encounter her at the Vape Supreme booth would discover exactly why and how she is able to command such a fandom within the most significant of events.  Sensually mesmerizing in shimmering expressive vivacity defined in enticing passionate grace, Chaba embodies that captivating fusion of emotive brilliance and seduction that allures in comprehensive sensory intrigue.  Combined with her animated wit and playfulness within a live event environment, she just never ceases to provide quality entertainment for her audience.


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