August 13, 2013

SPOCOM Anaheim 2013: Promo Girls and the Brands You Know


Set within one of the premier entertainment hubs of Southern California, the SPOCOM automotive lifestyle festival at the Anaheim Convention Center spotlights the elements of the car culture quite unlike any other annual event extravaganza in the region.  The venue itself already presents a certain magnificence of character, located in close proximity to the most famous sporting and theme park destinations in Orange County, while providing for ample space and creative flexibility, in which to fully emphasize the grandeur of the occasion and celebration.  Therefore, the SPOCOM Anaheim event spectacular tends to maximize the experience of the car culture phenomenon, presenting the best modified vehicle showcase displays in a manner that truly inspires the imagination.  Along with these stunning custom car creations, however, comes the admiration and respect of an entire industry, who acknowledge the significance of the time and moment through their own quality of brand presentation.  Of course, when someone heads to one of the biggest parties in town, it’s only customary to have one’s best gal by his side.  From a company standpoint, such would entail the inclusion of some of the import scene’s most admired modeling superstars, who through their loyalty or established name have become symbols of the spirit that defines a quality of business and a nature of industry.

JDM Sport

JDM Sport presents a quality line of automotive parts and components, developed towards the optimization of a vehicle’s style and performance.


Robin Chu has elevated her stature within the Southern California automotive circuits, having become one of the more prominent new talents of the JDM Sport promotional crew.  Brilliantly charming in sweet expressive vivacity framed upon smooth delicate poise, Robin consistently contributes a youthful finesse into a premier event experience.  Showcasing a bit of her flare with the purple hair during the SPOCOM Anaheim event, she would effectively exemplify that color and energy that defines the JDM Sport product and merchandise line.




Lena Love would make her second consecutive appearance for JDM Sport at the SPOCOM Anaheim event spectacular, continuing to be a major factor in the brand’s promotional efforts during major showcase extravaganzas.  Spiritedly elegant in shimmering expressive charisma framed upon enticing sensual form, Lena always projects a quality of style and character upon a scene or environment that often finds a dedicated audience within moments of humorous spontaneity and enthusiasm.  Such would make her a welcomed visitor at a variety of featured modified vehicle displays throughout the course of the event.



Performance Auto and Sound

Performance Auto and Sound Magazine is a leading print and digital publication, detailing news and events that impact the broad based automotive lifestyle community.


Stylishly captivating in charming expressive brilliance formed upon flowing dynamic poise, Amanda Kerr has been a consistent figure of charisma and grace within the automotive scenes, exemplifying a vivacious class within intuitive aesthetic character that inspires in both penetrating drama and vibrant personality.  Having developed into a true star of her professional genre, she would find herself as a primary brand ambassador for the leading publication, Performance Auto and Sound Magazine, during one of the biggest car culture festivals of the Southern California region, SPOCOM Anaheim. 



Wendy Lopez would greet fans and attendees at the Performance Auto and Sound Magazine booth, once again enchanting with that passionate expressive consistency and dainty fluidity of grace that continues to highlight her potential for further progression within the industry.


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