August 25, 2013

2Crave Open House 2013: Claudia Alan and the Import Scene Adventures


With a showcase area adorned with some of the hottest custom cars in Southern California along with food vendors, a bounce house and an action packed featured main stage setup, the 2Crave Open House in La Mirada, California would truly present that fundamental synergy of entertainment that has been well admired within the car culture scenes throughout the years.  As in any backyard shindig celebrating the triumphs of a certain respected member of a community, a vibrant cast of characters would make their presence known upon this featured show floor to celebrate 2Crave’s six years of success as an innovative force in wheel design and craftsmanship.  To the delight of many, such figures would include some of the scene’s finest young personalities and entertainers such as the lovely Claudia Alan, who has been effectively dominating the premier live promotional realms in recent months.  Donning her familiar Comic-Con garb once again in full support of the debut of Pac-Man within the worlds of next gen media and entertainment, Claudia would essentially enter the event within a display of her own, comprised of Pac-Man special edition modified vehicles accentuated in the quality of 2Crave Wheels and Toyo Tire brand products.  As the event progressed, she would effectively demonstrate her spontaneity and professional versatility for promoting the value of some of the most prominent names and trademarks within any scene, genre or industry.



Brilliantly adorable in serene expressive vivacity defined in spirited intuitive grace, Claudia Alan just establishes a certain emotive clarity into a scene and environment, potently inspiring in a burst of unbound enthusiasm and charisma that embraces in a genuine warmth and integrity of character.  Furthermore, there’s this stunning depth about her, as well, alluringly soothing within a refined consistency of focus that captivates in penetrating, chic allure.  Thus, in many ways, she represents a fusion of intoxicating sweetness and sensual drama, which all the more emphasizes her innate versatility and value within various concepts and themes of print and live promotion.  It’s a look that could be well utilized within premier department store displays for its mainstream charisma and quality.


Though it might be cliché to refer to Claudia Alan as that “girl next door,” she truly is, as it pertains to the persona and character that she represents within her field, effectively conveying a genuine passion for the people, places and things that intricately contribute to the character of the scene.  Perhaps, such is well indicative of how she became interested in this sector of the modeling industry in the first place, having experienced the automotive showcase circuits as a spectator at the age of 17, only to further develop her interest for delving further into the professional environment as she worked towards a degree in college.  Currently as one of the most promising young stars of the automotive scene, she hopes to further explore the extent in which she can make an impact within the industry.


A bit curious about Pac-Man’s insatiable craving for those colorful ghostly critters, Claudia figured that there wasn’t any real harm of taking just one little bite.  Rightfully so, the little guy seemed worried.  Of course, she’d only be kidding.  That wouldn’t be Claudia’s style, as she’s always trying to make all event experiences enjoyable for everyone, no matter how odd looking or blue he or she might be.



It seems the little guy is feeling all better now.



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