June 2, 2013

Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2013: Girls of the DC Universe

Apparently a new crisis has unfolded within the realms of infinite realities, as heroes from alternate timelines and dimensions would unite in an attempt to resolve disturbances within the known multi-universe.  However, it was just a bit peculiar to think of any possible threat originating from a car culture spectacular like Extreme Autofest Anaheim.  Perhaps, in their attempt to track down the villain Darkseid, they somehow misidentified the giant “A” of Angel Stadium to be an ominous marker for the armies of Apokolips.  Judging by their cheerful spirits and genuine elation upon the event grounds, it was more likely that they just stole a Legionnaire interdimensional device for a vacation.  Finding their secret identities somewhat intact within this world, all conveniently known as amongst the top personalities within the automotive showcase scene, the heroes would proudly embrace their newly found duty as Extreme Autofest official spokesmodels for the day.

2013 Extreme Autofest “Heroes and Villains” Spokesmodel Lounge (continued)


Lyna Ly Sparks AKA Supergirl enchants within the shimmer of sophisticated style, well characterized by an elegant expressive luster and dynamic, intuitive control that can put any superhuman siren to shame.  She just possesses this refined order and pure class of character that blooms with such brilliance and embracing charm, which ultimately powers her unique ability for taking men’s breath up, up and away.



Visually enrapturing in seductive expressive charisma defined in tantalizing passionate form, Audrey Elizabeth AKA Silk Spectre II exhibits a delicate allure within fine stylistic depth, which is quite emotively inspiring in vivid aesthetic quality.  Upon arriving at Extreme Autofest Anaheim, she found a certain affection for the Rockstar Energy Drink brand, which apparently had the same taste for color schemes.



Raichelle Viado is truly a wonder of a woman, quite captivating through a charismatic expressive depth framed upon enrapturing sensuality of poise.  Such seductively radiant quality has effectively lassoed the hearts of many who frequent the automotive show circuits, solidifying her star power within the scene for years to come.



Roxie Lian dazzles with an enrapturing expressive flare and force within focus that brings character into this interpretation of the Wonder Woman persona.



Jenna Lane delivers fresh flavor to the title of Wonder Woman, essentially influencing the nature of an atmosphere through the soothing, sweet radiance of her serene disposition.  Even the most hardened of villains would eventually find their soft spots within the penetrating adorability and amicable spirit of this vibrant young promotional talent. 


The following might be a bit confusing, but the evidence is definitely all there.  Jenna Lane must be an alternate manifestation of a Wonder Woman whose identity was filled by an Earth 10 version of Lois Lane, a linkage well exemplified by Jenna Lane’s dedication as a live entertainment reporter for SoBi TV.


The events of this interdimensional crisis would effectively bypass Hal Jordan and John Stewart as the chosen bearers of the Green Lantern, effectively placing Elizabeth Tran as the guardian of the Earth sector.  Brilliantly energizing in vivacious expressive spirit framed upon charming delicate poise, she always projects such humorous enthusiasm and natural charisma into a situation or scene, which could absolutely delay any alien invasion within the sheer amusement for entertainment she is consistently able to provide within a live environment.  Such has characterized her popularity and worth within various automotive show circuits, as she continues to be a beacon of inspiration and camaraderie within the scene.


Apparently, things get so messed up in her universe, Elizabeth doesn’t even have a standard issue green ring or green lantern.  In fact, all she has is Mango, her loyal canine companion.

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