June 22, 2013

Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013: Model Behavior


Premier show spectaculars like Bimmerfest Pasadena often provide an alternative perspective of the modeling industry, one not solely contained upon interpretations of theme and direction but something all the more natural and inherent within character.  Thus, in many ways, one is able to discover and witness the true essence of an artist within the elements of such an experience.  It might be through a distinct style and quality of interaction or, perhaps, through a certain grace of disposition within impromptu situations.  It all comes down to a perception of what modeling fundamentally represents to an individual.  Is it a projection of fantasy, or, perhaps, an expression of one’s true identity?  The promotional modeling field tends to suggest an affection for the latter, often establishing a star upon talents based upon a simple understanding that the true fascination lies within the quality of a person.  And therefore, a humility and spirit is quite noticeable within the manner of those embraced by the accolades and admiration of a scene and industry, providing fans with a few laughs mixed in with moments of stunning sensuality.  In the end, it just proves without saying that these promotional stars find more to their profession than just looking pretty, well admired as dedicated figures who inspire enthusiasm upon the people in their immediate vicinity.

Mod Bargains

Mod Bargains offers a passionate automotive enthusiast with ample options towards intricate style and optimum performance through a wide inventory of vehicle customization products.



Corissa Furr enlivened the crowds with a special appearance at the Mod Bargains booth during Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013, beaming with that scintillating refined elegance and flowing delicate style, which has made her one of the most admired and respected figures within the automotive scene.  She just exudes an order and grace within a depth of focus, which embraces the atmosphere in smooth alluring charisma and inspiring drama.  Along with all that sterling visual class comes a sort of nonchalant wit upon conversation, often infusing refreshingly distinct humor within the constructs of solid professionalism.  Such is a intriguing facet to her persona that has allowed her to become one of the hottest crossover talents of the import scene in recent history, having been featured in notable on-screen roles and televised promotional media campaigns in recent years.   As a self-proclaimed “tomboy in disguise,” she still keeps it real, maybe once in a while too real, getting banged up with some MMA-style shenanigans with friends during her off time.  Injuries are no problem, however.  She’s a tough chick, though she always maintains a soft spot for her fans.  For that, she has always been well appreciated.






Arley Elizabeth is a skilled promotional brand ambassador who places the value of entertainment above all other aspects of the profession.  Whether she’s sneaking around as an opportunistic photo bomber or playfully stepping in as her boothmate’s dedicated product merchandiser, Arley’s primary motivation is and always has been to make her audience laugh.  Charmingly vivacious in sweet expressive brilliance, she presents an energy and enthusiasm that always keeps a moment fresh for sudden improvisational elements to present themselves, often bringing the full arsenal of her creativity and personality into full focus upon a premier show floor.  Though she can be quite the jester out there, she has been known to share some of her vividly penetrating artistry in front of a camera, which altogether defines the true dimension inherent within her talent.



Vossen Wheels

Vossen Wheels exemplifies a passion for the automotive lifestyle through its innovative, quality-tested line of wheel products, effectively designed for optimum performance while inspired through dedicated ingenuity.


Ayanna Jordan would make her first 2013 season appearance upon the grounds of Bimmerfest Pasadena, representing Vossen Wheels throughout the duration of the event.  Stylishly enchanting in soothing expressive depth and sleek, sensual form, Ayanna defines a moment through a subtly enticing consistency of passion within focus that seduces in refined vibrant serenity.  It’s this intriguing gentleness and flow to her manner that conveys a certain sweetness and mystery into an atmosphere, which dazzles through a thematic duality characterized in emotive dimension.


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