June 21, 2013

Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Lisa Joy

Renowned as the premier BMW enthusiast event of the Southern California region, Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013 naturally featured some of the established promotional modeling stars of the West Coast automotive scene though, perhaps, the event did more to introduce some fresh new faces that weren’t as well recognized by the general public.  This, however, would not make them any less significant to the overall quality of the event experience.  Lisa Joy was one of those brilliant new personalities who possessed a certain factor that truly exemplified a dedication and will to entertain.  Alongside the lovely Christina Ashlee, Lisa would promote the BMW Motorsports and Shelly BMW brands to the enthusiastic crowds, consistently wandering the grounds and conversing with fans throughout the duration of the event.  Her diligence at navigating the entire scope of the active showcase area that day seemed to always place her within the corner of one’s eye but never truly out of one’s sight.  Such would make even the eventuality of a chance one-on-one encounter a definite moment to remember.



Lisa Joy enraptures through a radiant sensual depth defined in vivid dynamic control and order.  She just possesses a vibrancy within character that allures in bold aesthetic drama through passionate poise and scintillating form.  It’s within such expressive charisma and intuitive, interpretive style that her talent finds complimentary significance within the genres of fashion, glamour and fitness.  She just brings such encompassing emotive value within a scene and atmosphere that is quite visually impressive.



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