May 30, 2013

Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2013: Hanging With the Ladies


People who frequent the automotive lifestyle circuits are well accustomed to the underlying event culture phenomenon that has continued to make events such as Extreme Autofest Anaheim relevant within the realm of live entertainment.  While many brands often establish themselves upon the grounds in elaborate display and detail, their purpose is not necessarily as constrained upon such thematic constructs in as much as they want to break through such perceived formalities in an effort to correlate in character with such a diverse audience.  After all, just as a trademark represents a business, the automotive scene is just as intricately defined upon the concept of community.  Because of this, event grounds presented by the Extreme Autofest tour tend to have a distinctive character in relation to the popular big venue trade show events common throughout the country.  The structure is loose and dynamic.  It gives up a certain flow and order for something more unpredictable and surprising.  Such a structure influences an atmosphere of genuine enthusiasm and rich casual interplay.  Further accentuating the tone, as usual, would be some of the automotive scene’s hottest promotional stars, who would also take part in the adventure alongside their dedicated audience, experiencing all the action, thrills and humor that their scene had to offer.

742 Marketing

742 Marketing is dedicated to utilizing its extensive resources in advertising and promotions to assist companies and brands in capturing greater influence within their specific target markets.


Eliza Marie Love charms with a shimmering expressive vivacity embraced in the allure of dynamic form and poise.  Such emotive brilliance was further emphasized by her genuine enthusiasm and graciousness to the people she met during show hours, essentially making her one of the more refreshing young personalities of this year’s Extreme Autofest Anaheim extravaganza.


Limitless Society / Hollux Industries


Limitless Society is an organization with a genuine affection for the car culture community, driven by a mission to unite and invigorate all enthusiasts within the embrace of camaraderie, a fundamental theme and concept that has always inspired the company.

Hollux Industries defines the automotive culture within an all-inclusive vision of the lifestyle, characterized by a deep passion for cars and proud self-expression within wardrobe.


Inspiringly adorable in soothing sweet serenity and tantalizing delicate poise, Ellie Roxx always conveys a natural vivacity and effortless charm, which utterly influences the nature of a scene through the brilliant grace and flowing allure of her expressive talent.  She continues to be one of the more visually energizing young personalities in the live event circuits today.



Dany Hun dazzles with a scintillating passionate depth within radiant expressive integrity.  Matched with her intuitive sensual control and poise, she’s often responsible for some emotively captivating moments within both memory and photography.




Amy Ames delivers penetrating expressive sensuality through a passionate consistency of focus framed upon vivid seductive form.  Ever so accommodating towards a live audience, she always projects a certain warmth and approachability within all that spellbinding talent, essentially exemplifying the spirit and nature of the scene through the quality of her character.



Style Over Comfort


Vivaciously alluring in radiant expressive quality defined in fluid charismatic style, Hayle Cayaga captivates with a beaming emotive clarity that is just so inspiring in pure character that it leaves little doubt as to the true depth and influence of her talent.  Such has allowed her to maintain quite a consistent presence within the scene throughout the past few months of her early career, effectively become one of the most visible emerging talents of the 2013 season.  As an enthusiast of the automotive lifestyle herself, she would often find a few showcased rides within the vicinity that appealed to her preferences, vehicles that would effectively provide the inspiration for a couple of these on-scene shots.




Janey B. would be rolling around the event grounds nonchalantly during the later hours of the Extreme Autofest event spectacular with the perceptive crowds eventually catching on to the irresistible presence of a multiple time magazine cover model within their midst.  Visually stunning in scintillating expressive elegance and refined sophistication of form, Janey always seems to infuse a touch of class within any situation, well renowned as one of this year’s most inspiring live event personalities.



Car Care Babes


Jamie S. demonstrated a fine intuitive process within control and poise, which exemplified a keen talent for creating emotively moving moments within photography.

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