May 29, 2013

Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Taryn Blake


With an affection for stylized design and shimmering crafted elegance, 2Crave Wheels already well exemplifies the stature and prestige of their brand name through the aesthetic quality inherent within their fine line of luxury wheel products.  However, live showcase events such as Extreme Autofest Anaheim present the company with an opportunity of expanding and elaborating on such perceptions and values, detailing its worth, not only within the field of production but also within service, effectively demonstrating its role as more than just a business but as a manifestation of a lifestyle.  And so enter these young brand ambassadors into the fold, dedicated to bringing the 2Crave culture and concept to life through the quality of their character and personas.   Taryn Blake would be one such promotional figure on the grounds that day, willing to greet and engage the crowds during another exciting Extreme Autofest showcase extravaganza at Angel Stadium.


As a new modeling industry talent within the automotive scene, Taryn Blake already possesses great presence upon a show floor while exhibiting a potential to thrive within various roles and genres of the field.  Emotively moving in beaming passionate depth accentuated in elegant intuitive poise, Taryn generates spellbinding drama through a rich consistency of focus that intricately compliments the character and style she is able to convey through the sensual variety within her creative process.  There’s just a certain flow and finesse to her visual character that breathes sophistication into an atmosphere while also illuminating through a certain purity of order within expression that is quite immaculate.


Taryn Blake would be with the 2Crave team for the entire duration of the Extreme Autofest event in Anaheim, facing the shocking intensity of the summer conditions, which many attendees would find a bit draining after such relentless exposure.  Taryn, on the other hand, would still find her groove within even the final hours of the show, exhibiting that energizing character that exemplifies the spirit behind the company’s goal of instilling a touch of optimism into everyday life.  Perhaps, her enthusiasm may have very well been influenced through an innate fascination for the pulsating beats of a massive entertainment stage in the distance, as Extreme Autofest DJs unleashed the full arsenal of their unique musical variety.  Such would be a sensory spectacle well appreciated by this versatile talent being a soulful vocalist herself.



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