May 15, 2013

Formula Drift Long Beach 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Emma Rose


Emma Rose continues to expand her presence within the live automotive showcase sector after a fantastic 2012 debut year as one of the season’s promising breakout personalities.  Sweetly alluring in brilliant expressive grace framed upon rich passionate poise, this vibrant young talent always beams with an intoxicating visual charisma that is immersing in adorability while captivating in enrapturing sensual form.  Its within such stylistic dimension that has allowed her to become one of the more visible live event talents within various show circuits while establishing herself as a primary promotional figure for car culture enthusiast group, its JDM yo.  Perhaps, many still remember her first major appearance during Wekfest LA 2012, where she would introduce herself to the scene while wandering the event grounds, eventually stopping by a SSR Wheels Booth to take in the expert craftsmanship of their sleek conceptions of quality tested wheel products.  Fast forward to the 2013 season, acting as SSR Wheel’s official Formula Drift Long Beach brand representative for duration of the sporting festivities, Emma has effectively elevated her stature within the promotional world, a perceivable trend within her young career which may continue into the foreseeable future.





Emma Rose


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