May 16, 2013

Formula Drift Long Beach 2013: Ladies of the American Drifting Scene

The technique of drifting is a style derived within the competitive automotive circuits of Japan, only to be have been adopted relatively recently within the motorsports lifestyle of North America.  Such has lead to the connection of two distinct cultures through a common passion for sport.  Though the predominant American automotive showcase culture and the nation’s drifting scene share a thematic kinship through both passion and style, there also lies certain independent, defining elements of each environment that seem to differentiate each experience within their own particular features and merits.  Therefore, the Formula Drift series effectively offers fans from all around the world the opportunity to immerse themselves within a truly unique entertainment
package that interprets those intriguing competitive concepts and live spectacles into a flavor and feel all its own.  It might be the locales.  It could be the brands.  In regards to the modeling industry, it could very well be the rich conglomeration of talent who may or many not be know as series regulars within the prevailing scene.  At the 2013 Formula Drift Long Beach extravaganza, these special appearances would play a significant role in establishing the atmosphere of prestige and significance for the biggest drifting circuit active in the North American continent.


K1 Speed

K1 Speed is a leading indoor go kart racing facility chain serving communities and families in their entertainment needs all across the continental United States.


Laura Baker is a leading live promotional personality for K1 Speed, having appeared at some of the most popular event circuits active within California today.  Vivaciously charming in adorable expressive brilliance and energizing charisma, Laura always conveys that invigorating spirit and and action-packed enthusiasm inherent within the company’s brand culture.




Fontana Nissan

Fontana Nissan is a car dealership in California’s San Bernardino County that offers an extensive selection of the latest Nissan manufactured vehicles available on the market today.  A unique element to their operations is their Nissan Race Shop division, which specializes in the development and installation of quality aftermarket parts, expressing a deep passion for performance engineering that has translated quite effectively into several competitive fields within automotive sports.


The gorgeous Katelin Southern might have informed fans that she wasn’t an official model for Fontana Nissan during the 2012 Formula Drift season finale in Irwindale, California, but here in the start of yet another Formula Drift season in Long Beach with no other promotional personalities at her booth and a featured brand named poster featuring her likeness on the main display table, there was no denying her status as a true promising talent any longer.  Katelin absolutely dazzles through a pristine elegance of expression, which through the stylistic depth of her intuitive process infuses effortless drama into an atmosphere.  Such qualities exemplify her potential as an irresistible force within any nationwide promotional campaign or feature.



Whiteline is passionately dedicated to the development of quality suspension parts and products, which effectively maximize and enhance vehicle safety. enjoyment and performance.


Tori Elizabeth is a live events personality who frequented the monthly Sideway Sundays drifting series at the Irwindale Speedway during the 2011 event season.  Making her return to the scene at this year’s Formula Drift Long Beach event with Whiteline, she would deliver that same expressive enthusiasm and passionate allure that fans have come to appreciate about her in previous years.



Alpinestars is responsible for creating a world-class brand of technical performance wear designed toward the safety, comfort and style of the professional automotive competitors who use them while offering a line of casual options for the enthusiastic fans who passionately support each sport.  At Formula Drift Long Beach, the company would employ the assistance of two sisters from the local fashion and Supercross scenes to effectively promote their brand to the general public.


Danielle Souza absolutely charms with an infectious, vibrant charisma framed upon scintillating delicate poise.  She just possesses this vivid warmth within fluid style, which finds elegant order within the refined lines and genuine brilliance of her expressive form and character.  Such aesthetic value within visual quality conveys much of her talent within compositions that dare to explore the dualities of theme and personality within varying conceptions of art and fashion.







Runway talent Leeann Souza presents refreshing vivacity towards a scene or composition, well defined within the energizing expressive charm of her embracing disposition.  It’s within this natural emotive vigor and spirit which tells much of her seamless congruency within prevailing themes of mainstream media and fitness.

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