May 29, 2013

West Coast Hooters Swimsuit Finals Pageant 2013: Stage Report


No other restaurant franchise in history has become as synonymous with the concept of beauty as Hooters has for the better part of three decades.  The company’s successful formula of fusing visual glamour within the elements of a vibrant dining experience has effectively launched the brand into a worldwide phenomenon, allowing them to establish a significant presence throughout an international market, spanning virtually every continent upon the globe.  With such an expansive scope of influence along with an ever growing talent base within their ranks, the infrastructure was set for the establishment of a truly international showcase of beauty pageantry, featuring the finest Hooters girls from around the planet.  In order to effectively narrow down the competition for the annual pageant circuit finals in Las Vegas, regional and interstate competitions find significance as preliminary qualification rounds, offering contestants a chance at the ultimate glory, where the top prize winners of each division are granted the opportunity for even higher accolades upon a much larger stage.  For American hopefuls living within close proximity to the Pacific, the West Coast Hooters Swimsuit Finals Pageant would provide a significant step forward toward that aspired achievement of being proclaimed as the very best within their field. 


General Show Floor


The 2013 West Coast Hooters Swimsuit Finals Pageant would take place at the heart of Santa Ana, California’s Historic District within the city’s famed Yost Theater.  Upon entry, one could feel the mood shift from the festivity of the brilliant daylight into the romanticism of the neon nightlife.  VIP Ticket holders of the event were treated to premier seating arrangements at dual elevated wing sections set at the sides of a sunken, similarly exclusive VIP lounge, encompassing a projecting main runway setup, which would find its base upon a grand curtained theatrical stage.  General admission ticket holders would find their spots at the main lounge surrounding the designated judging station, a spot chosen for the section’s even level in regards to the main runway and stage structure.  For a birds-eye view, attendees also had the option of viewing the proceedings from the second floor grand balcony.


Competition Format


The pageant followed a standard presentation format featuring an opening collaborative introduction of the top 41 contestants of the division, followed by two key competitive segments that would eventually define the proceedings of the night.  Such would lead to the selection of the top ten title contenders, from which the crowning of a new Miss West Coast Hooters would be decided.  Because of their significance, these two primary segments will be revisited extensively within upcoming coverage on this site.

Round 1:

A Cocktail Affair


Round 2:

Swimsuit Daze


Nothing defines the quality of a woman quite like her preference in clothing for a night out in the town.  This first round segment would effectively showcase the style and poise these dazzling Hooters personalities often present upon festive social and nightlife environments.


The approaching summer season would influence an acceleration of activity within the coastal beaches with one’s choice in swimsuit wear taking the spotlight as a primary fashion statement upon such an environment.  The Hooters girls would effectively present their enthusiasm and spirit for the season through the allure of their dazzling two-piece ensembles.



Coverage of the 2013 West Coast Hooters Swimsuit Finals Pageant continues…

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