February 11, 2013

The Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Jennifer Swift

Glamorous in soothing depth and statuesque grace, Jennifer Swift is one of the most visually enthralling figures within any live event scene. A well known inter-promotional ring girl within various live cage combat sports circuits, she has effectively gained the admiration of MMA fans around the country. Most of this respect stems from a deep seeded passion for MMA and the fighting culture, a quality which has kept her upon the post of Ms. Tapout for several years and running, solidifying her status as a leading female promotional personality for one of the most prestigious brands of the sport. The other part of her appeal comes from her prowess as a multimedia persona. Her various duties and activities within the entertainment realm include writing as a Tapout Magazine columnist, co-hosting on broadcast programming, and even performing in music videos. Though she often interviews celebrities, she herself has become one as well, guest judging within the celebrity panel of the Los Angeles Fit Expo’s ring girl pageant last year. Returning to the event again for the 2013 show representing the Tapout Los Angeles Training Center, she charmed as magnificently as ever.




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