February 11, 2013

The Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013: Beauties at the Booths (Part 4)

Because of the fitness industry’s broadness and scope, the talent encountered at the Los Angeles Fit Expo tends to represent a vast spectrum of expertise and experience. Though whether they are competitors, health gurus, or promotional specialists trying to convince people of the merits of a state-of-the-art product, their activities and functions can all be summarized within the encompassing theme of self-improvement. It’s this singularity that seemingly unites through the conviction of purpose and attracts such a wide range of professionals under one roof. That’s an aspect of the Fit Expo that makes it uniquely intriguing.

Sweet Sweat

Sweet Sweat is a popular topical product made from natural oils and ingredients, utilized by athletes to increase circulation and sweating, thereby releasing body toxins while increasing performance efficiency and muscular stamina. 

Sweet Sweat usually has a brand representative jump roping at the side of their booth to demonstrate the effects of the product during normal exercising conditions.  This lovely lady was working out quite a storm during the last Los Angeles Fit Expo.  This time around, she had a little more time to dedicate to the camera.



Hyperice produces industry leading ice compression technology characterized by a patented ice cell and air release valve combination, which provides constant and consistent anti-inflammatory relief for the benefit of a more effective recovery.

It wasn’t surprising to find WBC Muay Thai International Champion Tiffany “Timebomb” Van Soest and Invicta FC Strawweight World Champion Carla Esparza at the Hyperice booth during the show.  After all, kickboxing and MMA are a couple of the most bone crushing and bruising sports in the world.  Flashing a couple of gorgeous smiles around the booth, they seemed to be expressing little pain and much more of the pride that comes along with carrying gold upon their shoulders.  Perhaps, they came by to get some Hyperice tech for their future opposition.



Xyience is a Las Vegas based nutritional supplement producer most renowned for its Xenergy product line, which is advertised as the official energy drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championships, the premier mixed martial arts competitive league in the world. 

Charmingly inspiring with embracing expressive class and character, Amanda Corey has become the most admired promotional personality of the Xyience brand.  Her success stems from an extensive professional resume, which includes appearances within the multimedia and publication properties of organizations like Glamour, UFC, 24-Hour Fitness, and Hawaiian Tropic, all of which details a depth of experience spanning across every sector of the modeling and entertainment world.  With that, she has developed into a brand specialist suited for the circumstances of any situation, willing and able to engage any audience with a consistency of spirit that makes her ever so effective.


Baddass Nutrition

Baddass isn’t only about energy-boosting, muscle-buliding, fat-burning premium quality supplements.  It’s really a lifestyle, which extends into the motivational character and attitude of their featured clothing line. 

IFBB Bikini Pro Cassandra Dubois was absolutely beaming with stylish adorability while sporting a full arsenal of Baddass gear during the Los Angeles Fit Expo.


Taylor Matheny


Cellucor Sports Nutrition

Through continuous innovation inspired by diligent research and quality development, Cellucor Sports Nutrition hopes to provide an ever evolving line of products, which provide the best in nutritional supplementation for the most passionate of fitness enthusiasts.

Enticingly radiant in sweet expressive grace, WBFF Fitness Pro Jen Jewell charmed many event attendees into lining up in front of the Cellucor booth for some special photo opportunities.


Medical Research Institute (MRI)

MRI is dedicated to the development of performance optimizing supplementation by fully utilizing the benefits of quality science and advanced nutritional technology.


Though one might be quite taken by Reina the Traina’s gentle infectious glamour and shimmering expressive quality, the IFPA Natural Figure Competitor promises to work the sweat out hard from everyone’s pores with her personally tested fitness programs.  After all, that’s what she does.  She’s a traina.



Since 1996, SAN has been a leading producer of quality athletic supplements with a reputation of improving the human body’s natural performance through state-of-the-art, scientifically tested muscle-building and fat-burning nutritional options.



Michelle Anderson visually enraptured the crowds with sweet brilliant allure.  Paired with an unbound enthusiasm which ingratiated her with a mass audience during the event, she definitely showed her worth as an accommodating and attentive live events brand representative.


Betancourt Nutrition

Through dedicated in-house scientific research and development, Betancourt Nutrition has made it a mission to provide the fitness community with a unique line of supplement products, which effectively increases the benefits of high performance training and activity while satisfying in fine flavor.

Gorgeous NPC Bikini competitor Annie Parker captivates with a certain luster within her expressive character that is intriguingly chic and refined in quality.  She has an immaculate glow that just utterly inspires at first sight, a trait which would be well utilized in any form of print or mass advertising, especially within an industry driven by motivational concepts and personality figures.

Evolution Fitness Conference Stage

This section of the Los Angeles Fit Expo featured some of the most popular and trending fitness programs in the nation, allowing attendees to get into the action of their favorite routines and exercises with the experts and personalities they knew and trusted.

The beautiful Bizzie Gold is the visionary behind the BUTI Fitness craze sweeping the nation, which incorporates elements from yoga, plyometrics, and tribal dance into one dynamic, hip-shaking program.  Because of the power and sensuality inherent within its exercises, many have found BUTI to be an enjoyable and liberating option towards total body fitness. 


NuBrace is responsible for the development of a clear removable orthodontic alternative to braces, which optimizes user comfort and oral health, while allowing for precision customization of treatment, based on advanced technological models.

Of course, a company specializing in straightening teeth had to bring along a couple of representatives with perfect smiles.

Muscle Meds

Muscle Meds promises to cure small muscle growth with advanced pharmaceutical-based nutritional science and knowhow, fused into a line of innovative supplement products, which improves the performance capabilities of a dedicated athlete, so that he or she can reach their highest potential.

Muscle Meds stationed a gorgeous brand specialist at their booth during the Los Angeles Fit Expo this year.  She definitely had an intriguing expressional style that was enticingly captivating.

Tapout Los Angeles Training Center

Perhaps, no other clothing brand is more synonymous with the sport of mixed martial arts than Tapout.  It was only fitting for them to erect a major mixed martial arts athletic center in Los Angeles, suited to satisfy the passion of an avid MMA enthusiast while honoring a sport that has wholeheartedly embraced them as a primary symbol for the cage fighter spirit.

Mixed martial artist Kim Couture offered one of her tale-of-the-tape poses for the camera initially though one could see that she was just saving up that sweetness and charm for that one final close-up. 

Coverage of the Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013 continues next…

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