February 12, 2013

The Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013: Ingrid Romero’s Team Edge


A three-time NPC overall competition winner and Arnold Classic Champion, Ingrid Romero is one of the most experienced professionals active today in the fitness industry. Charmingly captivating with inspiring style and embracing character, her undeniable beauty has been honored within various publications internationally, gracing the covers of Iron Man Magazine and Spain’s Bodybuilding Magazine to name a few. With this said, she has also expressed her own passion and drive for the fitness lifestyle as a popular and well respected columnist for numerous periodicals. Even though these works and accomplishments have touched many fitness enthusiasts throughout the world, she ultimately wanted to do more. This lead Ingrid and fitness expert Joe Discuillo to form Team Edge, a venture born from a mission to assist young bikini competition talent in attaining their hopes and dreams through programs specifically customized for each individual. To complement even this, Ingrid has delved into her own creative inspirations to form the Ingrid Romero Couture Custom Bikini line to provide athletes with stylish attire options while in pursuit of their aspirations. Ingrid knows how hard it is to get a good foothold within the fitness scene and with her expertise and knowhow, she hopes to create a more effective avenue toward achievement. The following is a pictorial overview of the Team Edge booth during the Los Angeles Fit Expo with spotlights featuring the impressive talent under the Team Edge banner.




Amy Quaid is a promising young talent who brings something quite charming to a picture with a subtle yet emotively immersing glow of refined elegance.  Matched with a smooth poise infused in dainty, sensual style, she definitely exhibits an overall natural charisma that would definitely add value to any fashion or fitness editorial.


Briz Mullen is a talent defined by vibrant allure empowered by a purity of emotive content.  She has this ability to accentuate expressive elements through an added level of depth, which interplays with the mood to magnificent effect.




There is an effortless brilliance inherent within the person of Coryn Salazar that makes her quite visually intriguing.  She has a manner that seems simple and natural in execution but with a quality of focus, which penetrates emotively in powerful dimension.  It’s this inspiring essence which makes her a prime candidate for any variety of clothing line campaigns in the future.  Because whether it’s the newest designer ensemble or the hottest new active wear apparel combination, people just want to feel good wearing it, and Coryn just makes you want to have what she’s having.


Ingrid Romero is as accomplished as she is accommodating. She is always happy to interact and have a little fun with the attendees at an event, which is quite telling of her enthusiasm and genuine drive to motivate and entertain everyone around her.

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