December 16, 2012

LA Auto Show 2012 SPOTLIGHT: Erin Leighh

Because of Detroit’s stature as the home of the “Big Three” automobile companies in the United States, it’s easy to discover that many of the American promotional teams and representatives sent to public trade shows throughout the nation hail from the Great Lake State. One such Michigan native was Erin Leighh, who represented Dodge as a product specialist and presenter during the LA Auto Show. With the sleek shimmer of fine silver machinery, the 2013 Dodge Dart, right by her side, she detailed the specifications and developmental history of the showcased vehicle with a smooth confidence and clarity, which could only come from an intimate knowledge of her subject.

While many presenters at the the LA Auto Show are not necessarily involved in the modeling industry, there was just this visual brilliance and charisma she had that was undeniable. It turns out that she actually had done some print and catalog work back home and was fascinated about the sectors of fitness and nutrition particularly, due to its relation with her passion for the science of physical therapy.  With all of that said, you could see that her true enthusiasm was for the moment, representing a brand she believes in.  She’s a true fan of fine automobiles like many people were at this show.

With all information, laughter and goodwill taken into account, her optimism and embracing character created quite a vibrant show atmosphere for everyone in attendance and proved her value as a major brand product specialist.


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