December 16, 2012

LA Auto Show 2012: Le Femme Fiat

Every year at the LA Auto Show, the ladies of Fiat always make a statement with their flashy, chic fashion sense.  Whether they’re wearing form-fitting race performance jumpsuits, sleek brilliant mini dresses, or angelic, serene conceptions of formalized wear, there’s always a subtle, indirect allusion to a certain Fiat Superbowl commercial that aired in the United States at the beginning of the year.  Of course, the subtlety becomes apparent with the big screen replays above the showcase displays.  The message, however, is obvious and well received.  Fiat is passion.



This was the first trip to Los Angeles for the lovely Kristi Michelle Fox.  The Louisiana native and Michigan resident mentioned how different the atmosphere was here in Los Angeles.  One would hope that she didn’t experience the I-405 during rush hour.  But by the measure of her expressiveness and enthusiasm, it was quite noticeable that she was really relishing her experience within this busy city and dazzled by what it had to offer.  She did mention, however, that nothing really compares to flavors in Louisiana, when it comes to food.  For those who’ve had a chance to try out some of those dishes down south, they’ll absolutely know what she’s talking about.

Samantha Skowronek has been working alongside the Fiat brand for a few years now.  The 2010 Miss Michigan Galaxy embodies an alluring fusion of visual sophistication and graceful, fluid presentation, conveying the stylish brand culture of Fiat effectively to a willing, attentive audience. 


Megan Agrusa is the “wow factor” within the LA Auto Show Fiat show floor.  Bursting with energetic radiance and embracing charisma, she always inspires that spirit for enjoyment and thrill for passion, emotions that the Fiat brand has always catered to through its brilliantly captivating vehicular designs.

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