June 1, 2013

Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Lovely Rachelle


Fans of the movie Sucker Punch might have been left wondering about the lead hero of the story, Baby Doll, and how she could actually smile by the end of the film, considering all the bad luck she would incur throughout her difficult journey.  Her surprise appearance upon the Extreme Autofest event grounds apparently solved the mystery for everyone.  Apparently, a mysterious anomaly possessed the instrument that would threaten her destiny, fatefully piercing a hole within the spacetime continuum instead, establishing two alternate realities, transporting her warrior essence here upon the lots of Angel Stadium for some time to chillax.  Well, it’s a happier ending, anyways.  However, if such a story arc ever happens to come in play, the role would be well suited for Lovely Rachelle, who by her nature establishes such joy and enthusiasm within an environment, capable of infusing such bursting triumph and vivacious attitude upon the personas of even the most tragic of heroes.



Passionately penetrating though enamoring expressive depth framed upon scintillating dynamic sensuality, Lovely commands such potent seductive style within a scene or situation that is all the more illuminated by a radiating purity of character.  She just provides a certain force of presence within a sweetness of disposition that truly encompasses an entirety of the emotive experience.

Having one of the more creative character concepts of the show, Lovely would provide ample opportunities to interact and collaborate humorously with the energized crowds.  Swordplay became the major topic of conversation, as she wielded Baby Doll’s signature katana blade in fine samurai form for the general viewing pleasure.

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