December 19, 2012

LA Auto Show 2012: Kentia Cuties (Part 2)



California Traffic Tickets

With an offer to provide people assistance with those pesky traffic tickets that many have the unfortunate luck of receiving, the California Traffic Tickets booth seems like quite an attractive hot spot during an automotive showcase event, especially in a busy city like Los Angeles where things happen.  But even for the most cautious or methodical drivers, locking eyes with a beautiful CATT representative at an event tends to dissuade one from just simply walking by.





It was a pleasant surprise to meet Amanda Corey at the California Traffic Tickets booth at this year’s event. A regular presence at fitness and combat sports conventions as a leading spokesmodel for the Xyience brand, she is a talent very well experienced in the processes of nationwide brand promotion. Despite national recognition, she is definitely one of the most down-to-earth and embracing figures within the trade show circuits and could quite possibly be the “perfect woman” as deemed by UFC Magazine in their publications. Her next stop might quite possibly be be the LA Fitness Expo at the beginning of the 2013 events season, so stay tuned for coverage updates as they become available.

The vision of Shendelle Schokman right before one’s eyes can often be quite intoxicating. The ravishing blonde bombshell tends to awe with a certain dynamic charm and depth of passion that makes one yearn for the return of those warmer, sunnier seasons. With appearances at this year’s Bimmerfest in Pasadena and the DUB Show in Downtown Los Angeles, she was truly a summer beauty that one would not quickly forget.


K1 Speed

Laura Baker is one of the more well-known trade show representatives of the popular indoor karting brand in Southern California.  Always beaming with enthusiasm and a brilliance of spirit, she always creates a fun-filled atmosphere for all of those who visit her station.

A special mention goes out to Susan Sandor, who was an important part of the K1 Speed promotional team at this event as well.



Leoncita Martinez is the go-to gal for the Smartwax brand when it comes to promotional representation at the LA Auto Show. Always glowing with the utmost adorability, this marks the second time in a row she’s represented the brand at this event.


Coverage of the 2012 LA Auto Show Continues next…

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