December 7, 2012

“A Child’s Smile” Toy Drive and Cars4Cancer Charity Car Show SPOTLIGHT: Kaycee Tran

Kaycee Tran made her debut on the scene just earlier this year in January and has since become one of the more popular figures of the Kapu MotorTrends brand, representing the company at several big name events around the Southern California region. Missing in action for much of the 2012 summer and fall seasons, Kaycee finally made her return to the scene at the “Child’s Smile” Toy Drive and Cars4Cancer Charity Car Show, working with the rest of the ladies at the PASMAG model lounge. What made people wonder though was why for her first appearance in a long while did she decide to bring a good-sized can of whipped cream. Perhaps, someone was bringing cake to the event and got lost, or maybe she had a craving for some mocha later in the day and wanted to keep it handy. Who knows? When it comes down to it, what’s an experienced promotional model to do with a product in her hands but, well, promote the product?



That’s a wrap from “A Child’s Smile” Toy Drive and Cars4Cancer Charity Car Show…keep checking back for coverage of your favorite modeling events through the eyes of your friendly neighborhood photographer. 

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