March 5, 2013

Kuya Model Expo 2013: Talent Fan Favorite Wrap-Up


With the event drawing to its final conclusion, there was just one more piece of business to attend to. Throughout the show, attendees were given a chance to purchase voting tickets, which would be tallied at the end of the event to determine the Kuya Model Expo’s favorite overall modeling talent. With a deep and diverse field of competition in attendance, the winner would have the honor of being the star perceived to have exhibited the qualities most congruent within all the genres of the profession in regards to the fans’ point-of-view. Who better to judge the winner, after all? The fans would have been exposed to their talents on the fashion runway, their visual charisma in front of the camera, and even their prowess in brand marketing throughout the course of just one very special event. A model who could convince people of her unique, all-encompassing talent within such a short span of time would definitely deserve all the accolades associated with a victory.


Before announcing the winners of the event, it would be a proper time to congratulate Big Abe with a job well done on his first venture as a live event organizer and director. One could only imagine the amount of work he put into promoting and formulating the course of such a multifaceted event. The big guy did a great job.


The top three finalists of the Kuya Model Expo’s Favorite Model Contest would proceed in the following order:

Third Place Finalist
Elizabeth Tran

Second Place Finalist
Raichelle Viado

Perhaps, one would have already caught a hint in the previous photograph as to the identity of the chosen expo champion.   And so it is.

Kuya Model Expo Favorite Model of 2013
Sandra Wong

The show ends with yet another title for Sandra Wong, who continues to rise within the ranks of the modeling world. With Raichelle Viado and Elizabeth Tran rounding out the finalist trio, it was a big victory for the SoCal import modeling scene in general and serves as an energizer for things yet to come during the course of the 2013 live event season.



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