January 16, 2013

2012 Sceneblazers: Megan Belet


Megan Belet always charms with brilliant expressive elegance, which taken with her smooth, subtle wit and charisma often leaves an audience spellbound in attraction. The impact of such is well explained through her quality projects and accomplishments during the 2012 season. Since debuting in 2011, Megan has effectively proven her value within the modeling industry as a true interregional promotional star. Continuing her course as a promising new personality within the import and drifting circuit, Megan earned a spot as one of four spokeswomen to spearhead a year-long nationwide promotional campaign for Hankook Tire during the 2012 Formula Drift tour, while continuing to be a presence within some prominent showcase realms as a brand representative for popular local SoCal companies like Stance Wheels. Her various appearances for these brands might have caused a few to conclude that she probably had a thing for the color orange, but then she broke that trend with numerous appearances under the green and black banner of Monster Energy, which has placed her at several special premiere events, popular sporting extravaganzas, and even shows across the seas within the Land of the Rising Sun like Air Jam. Her consistent presence within the competitive motorcycle sports scene at events like AMA Supercross and the X-Games is not to be overlooked either. With even fashion and fitness editorials bearing her likeness, there seems to be no single genre or classification that can fully contain or define the talent of this fast rising star.

Relive a few memories of Megan’s 2012 season below…


Formula Drift:  Streets of Long Beach

Hankook Tire


Bimmerfest Pasadena

Stance Wheels


Motion Auto Show

Savini Wheels


MFest / BMW Dealer Showcase




Formula Drift:  Title Fight

Hankook Tire



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