November 25, 2012

The Import and Automotive Scene

Probably no other segment of the modeling industry is as dynamic and embracing as the Import and Automotive Scene.  With event organizers hoping to draw audiences and companies yearning to get that clinging first, second or third impression, it often comes down to the presentation.  Thus, you’ll find that leading personalities in this scene are masters of balancing one’s visual appeal with strong interpersonal communication, as they find that they themselves are placed as star attractions by a loyal grassroots fandom.  This proximity and camaraderie between talent, spectators and media is really want makes this scene unique.  One could say that this segment of the modeling industry may be more clearly referred to by the broader connotation of “the promotional modeling scene.”  However, considering the pure volume of automotive showcase and track events prevailing in the current era with their established modeling talent infiltrating the largest electronic, sports, and entertainment shows in the world, it is impossible to deny this scene’s influence upon the industry today.

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