January 6, 2013

2012 Sceneblazers: Holly Lee

Is it that irresistible adorability within her expressional character?  Is it, perhaps, the embracing enthusiasm and interplay she has with her fans and audience?  Maybe the fascination lies in her comprehensive style that dazzles with full spectrum thematic intrigue.  All someone can do is try to find the words.  It is quite impossible to sum up that single factor that makes Holly Lee one of the hottest personalities in the modeling industry today.  She is truly a fine fusion of all those characteristics everyone finds endearing within a live event atmosphere.  This “Holly Lee Factor” has prompted her continuous appearances at some of the most prestigious import showcase and sporting events within the 2012 Spring and Summer event seasons, making her a major promotional presence and ambassador for her scene as a whole.  No one can really describe the 2012 Southern California event timeline without mentioning her name at least once, so therefore, her name is mentioned here and
now as one of the stars blazing a path ever so brightly within her scene and perhaps beyond.  In the year 2012, Holly Lee was a Sceneblazer.

Take a look back at Holly Lee’s amazing 2012 year below…

2012 Import Showcase
Import Fashion

2012 Hot Import Nights Pomona
Import Fashion

2012 Formula Drift: Streets of Long Beach
Performance Auto and Sound Magazine

2012 Wekfest Long Beach
its JDM yo / NOS

AutoCon LA 2012

SpoCom Anaheim 2012
AEM Intakes

2012 Auto Gallery Car Show
Style Over Comfort

Formula Drift: Title Fight 2012
Lucas Oil / MAV TV

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