May 14, 2013

Formula Drift Long Beach 2013: GT Channel and the Women of Motorsports

Media is an essential element to the popular progression of any activity, event or sport.  Though the name and prestige of a sports circuit like Formula Drift often effectively captures and sustains demand from a fundamental segment of enthusiasts who frequent the scenes due to a brand’s proximity and stature, established and alternative media outlets often bring the concept, style and spirit of a sport into the grasp of entirely new audiences, expanding a competitive organization’s sphere of influence upon a varied international and multicultural market.  GT Channel is one such news source, which has dedicated its resources to providing an in depth perspective into the motorsports world, utilizing quality interviews and on-track footage to get a fan up-close and personal with the sports they love.  At Formula Drift Long Beach 2013, such a programming emphasis was further exemplified through their choice of promotional figures, personalities who have effectively involved themselves within the motorsports scene throughout the years in one form or another. 



Lea Anne beams with an expressive dynamic radiance, which inspires in the pure wit and enthusiasm inherent within the action-packed, competitive automotive culture.  Such is quite reflective of her direct participation within the motorsports scene.  Besides being an experienced live brand ambassador, Lea brings a wealth of practical knowledge into any automotive-themed show floor, well versed in intricate vehicular engineering and mechanics, which has only come from years of dedication toward her passion for high performance cars in conjunction with her real on-track experience.  It’s within this combined charm and enlightening technical prowess that makes her a truly unique figure within popular competitive circuits like Formula Drift and why the fans have always appreciated her presence year after year.  Her next 2013 event appearance as a finalist for the Miss Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Pageant would go on to further spotlight such appeal.







Elegantly enrapturing in alluring sophisticated brilliance formed upon passionate sensual control, Elizabeth Deo delivers intoxicating  style into a scene or composition through a certain visual duality that matches scintillating expressive refinement with emotively enticing form.  There’s just this rich luster to her charisma that’s just stylistically glamorous within flowing consistency, which effortlessly breaths passion into an atmosphere within the full magnitude and scope of her talent.  While known as an internationally published model within prestigious periodicals such as FHM, Elizabeth has also been a welcomed presence within the live automotive scenes for quite some time, having made several official appearances at Formula Drift throughout the its last three seasons while also having traveled with the crew of the GT Channel as a video correspondent and host.



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