January 1, 2013

Progressive International Motorcycle Show of Long Beach 2012 SPOTLIGHT: Bridgetta Tomarchio


With a strong dedication toward the safety and enjoyment of the motorsports enthusiast and professional lifestyle, the company Reevu developed state-of-the-art helmet technology characterized by a fully adjustable rear-view optic system, effectively expanding a user’s range of vision to better cope with any situation. To help advertise such an innovative product at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, Reevu enlisted the help of a multimedia personality with a history of big brand promotion.

Emotively penetrating in commanding depth yet charmingly inspiring with ingratiating vivacity, Bridgetta Tomarchio is undoubtedly a sensual bombshell with a wit and character that is refreshingly genuine and invigorating, effectively maximizing the show experience for those who visited her booth area.  In the world of promotions, she has been the face of several major ad campaigns for leading brands such as Axe and ExtenZe, and during the event, she was excited to announce her most recent venture as the headlining promotional figure for Harley Davidson in 2013. She’s even taken her total package of talent and translated it into hits within the realms of television and radio. Whether she’s adventure-seeking in old episodes of "Project My World,” chatting it up as a radio personality on LA Talk Radio, or showing her acting chops in popular shows like “Californication,” Bridgetta never ceases to entertain.



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